What is The VK Dispatch?

This is The VK Dispatch, a newsletter about visual-kei music news, editorials, and long-form investigative reporting about the American visual-kei scene.

While most publications of this type are too afraid to report on real issues due to fear of losing their connections with the music industry, we’re not. We do not take money for subscriptions, or sell ads, and we couldn’t care less about publishing band profiles.

The only thing we care about are these two questions:

What is holding the music industry back?


How can we make it better today?

I’m an ex industry person working with inside sources, and writers, so that stories that need to be told can be told. Names can and will be changed to protect both our writers and our sources.

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Comments are being turned off for sanity’s sake. If you have a response to something published here you can e-mail visualkeijournalist@gmail.com. Use the subject line “Letter to the editor” if you’d like a reply. I may publish one here in a future update. Please sign your e-mail with what you’d like to be called if I do so.